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Weekly Update from Mrs. Hughley

Dear BV families,

We had a great rehearsal Sunday! If was good to see everyone back.

Here are some important notes for the week:

1) Assignments for the week: in order to stay on track, the girls each need to use the recordings online this week to do the following three assignments:
Memorize Love Learns by Laughing
Practice Yo le Canto until confident of pitches and rhythms for your part
Listen to the Faure Messe Basse recording (especially Sanctus movement) several nights this week while falling asleep or relaxing to become more comfortable with the harmonies and tuning.

2) Calendar dates: We have an exciting semester ahead of us with lots of great opportunities for BV! Please look at the calendar on the BV webpage carefully. Here are some highlights:

  • Altered BV rehearsals (1:15-4:00 Sundays) – Feb 14, April 17, May 15
  • Voices of Youth: Dress rehearsal March 7, Concert March 13
  • New Concert – world premier with orchestra – BV and Kantorei, Friday, April 15 at Schrott Center. Details to follow soon!
  • 30th Anniversary Concert: April 29 – Dress rehearsal. April 30 – performances at both 3 and 7 pm
  • High School concert: May 22, 4 pm at Indy
  • Tour rehearsal: Sunday, June 5, 2-4:30
  • Bahamas Tour: June 7-11

Also, add to your calendars passport application or renewal ASAP if you have not yet done so!

3) Winter Clothing Drive: Now that it’s actually winter, we need more donations for our clothing drive NEXT WEEK! Bring in those gently used coats, hats, mittens, sweaters, etc. It’s a great way to serve others in need in honor of MLK day!

4) Innovations: don’t miss out on these great spring classes! From conducting with Paulo to group voice lessons with great teachers to musical theater classes, we have something for you! Please check out the website for more info: https://icchoir.org/innovations-for-singers/

5) Snacks: We are in need of volunteers for spring semester BV snacks. Please send Michelle Jarvis and email and copy me, or put a notification on Facebook, if you are interested in covering a particular week. This Sunday, January 24 is covered thanks to the Speer family, but we have openings for the Sundays ahead.

Have a warm and safe week!
-Mrs. Hughley

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