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Welcome to the ICC Performing Arts Center!

Help the ICC Reach our Capital Campaign Fundraising Goal!

$ Raised 70%


“Thank YOU for helping us pull together such a powerful piece to kick off the Eskenazi Celebration event. We reached out late (and in the summer), and you still whipped it together as though you’d been planning to be there all along! I know it was a busy weekend for ICC and we so appreciate you figuring out how to wiggle us in – you were the icing on the cake of the celebration. It was a pleasure to work with you and we are grateful for your partnership. We look forward to doing it again soon."  -- Jen Bachman, CEO, Meribeth Smith & Associates


“The ICC was a pleasure to work with at the event! Thank you for being on top of it and so organized. The song was just the perfect fit for our organization. Dr. Crabb stopped me later in the evening to say what a lovely addition ICC was this event! Wishing you well in your future endeavors!" -- Kelly Gardner, Director of Operations, Eskenazi Health


“As always! We heard nothing but compliments from EVERYONE! You have a very talented group!” —Emma McGowan, Maribeth Smith & Associates, Inc.

“Great performance for ICC at our NALM Conference.  The conference attendees were ecstatic over the professionalism of the choir.” — Mark Erdosy, National Anthem of Lay Ministry 

“Your singing and performance was amazing and we received many kind words about the special touch you added!” — Little Wish Foundation

“Henry Leck has created something for which there is no competition.” – Dr. Scott Dorsey, American Choral Directors Association.

And you always had to “grab the heart,” as Mr. Leck would say.  "ICC grabbed mine!”  -- IYC singer

“It is a place that I know I won’t be judged. That is what ICC means to me.”  -- ICC singer

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