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The Indianapolis Children’s Choir’s High School Division is for singers in grades 10 through 12 and consists of the ICC Master Chorale – a large performing group of all our high school-age singers. Throughout the year, the Master Chorale will perform as a full mixed voice ensemble, as well as in smaller groups of an all treble ensemble and an all tenor/bass ensemble. This allows for a multi-faceted experience for our high school singers. (Singers below grade 10 with changed voices will occasionally be accepted in the Master Chorale.)

Each spring, the Master Chorale will also perform one major choral work, accompanied by a professional orchestra. This is an experience typically only afforded to college-level or higher choral groups.

This ensemble enriches vocal technique, fosters outstanding performance etiquette, further improves music literacy skills, performs a wide variety of outstanding repertoire, and nurtures lasting friendships. Master Chorale also tours every year. Rehearsals are held on Sunday afternoons in an attempt to avoid the many time conflicts the high school students experience. Students are expected to practice the music outside of their organized rehearsal time.

Please fill out the form below for more information or to schedule an audition.

Auditions for the ICC Master Chorale consist of general warm-ups to assess overall range, vocal production and intonation, brief ear training exercises, and a short passage of music to sight-read. 

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