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The ICC is a fabulous organization to be a part of in part because of all the wonderful volunteers who support the directors, staff members and most importantly, the singers.

With Indianapolis having more nonprofit organizations than any other state, volunteers have many choices of where to spend their time and talent.  Some of the benefits you can expect as being associated with the ICC are:

  • Meet new friends
  • Learn a new skill by joining one of the committees
  • Flexible times and commitments
  • Share in the sense of satisfaction that you are supporting and advocating for music education
  • Be part of the shared cause in community outreach so singers of all abilities are included
  • Research shows that people who volunteer live longer

There are several ways you can share your talents and gifts as a volunteer.  Please take the time to read through these opportunities and complete the application form.

Volunteer positions available are listed below along with a brief description and time commitment.

 – ICC Board Member: The Indianapolis Children’s Choir is governed by a community-based Board of Directors that oversees the business affairs of the ICC and is responsible for all aspects of organizational operations and growth. The board meets every other month and participates in all major events.

 – ICC Parents’ Association (ICCPA): The members of the ICCPA are the parents of singers who support the choirs, directors and parents. This can include opportunities to promote the choir through singer fundraisers, social events, parties and logo sales. The group meets monthly during the academic year.

 – Big Fun Event Silent Auction committee: Supports the ICC’s annual fundraising gala projects by helping to secure items for the event and silent auction. The time commitment is usually 5-6 meetings to take place before the auction. The gala usually takes place in the spring.

 – Sing-A-Thon Committee: This committee plans and produces our annual Telethon style event that mixing personal fundraising and performances by ICC singers, alumni, parents, and supporters in our community. The time committee is monthly meetings leading up to the event and the event day.

 – Office Helpers: Assist the ICC staff in our office by answering the phone, making cpies, sorting fundraising items, collating and data entry. Times are flexible.

 – Ushers: Assist patrons at concerts by performing duties such as collecting tickets, finding seats and handing our programs. The time required is usually a four-hour shift and these opportunities are offered eight times a year. Volunteers may participate just once or as times as they wish.

 – Program stuffing: Insert program guides in the concert schedule. This usually takes about two hours before a major concert event.

 – Information Booth: Greet visitors, hand out materials and possibly set up or break down the ICC booth at community events. These community events (i.e. Penrod Arts Fair, Irvington Halloween Festival) occur about six times per year.  Volunteers may participate once or every time this activity is available.

 – Chaperones: For this important and much-needed role, specific training is provided.  Responsibilities include helping singers get to their designated areas during concerts and checking that hair, jewelry and uniforms are in compliance with the dress code.  This also includes staying near the stage during the performance to help as necessary.  Chaperones are needed throughout the year for concerts and special events.

 – Choir Coordinator: This role is responsible for taking attendance at rehearsals and performance, collecting pre-arranged absence and makeup forms, and updating directors.  Choir coordinators attend the rehearsals and concerts with the choir.

 – Performance Coordinator: This role is responsible for arranging performance chaperones and communicating the event logistics. The program, “Sign Up Genius,” is currently used by the ICC to schedule volunteers and you will be provided with the access needed for the software.  Performance coordinators attend the rehearsals and concerts with the choir.

 – Choir Parent: This person will be the assistant or back-up to the choir coordinator and assists with handing out and collecting fundraising forms and items for the Big Fun Event baskets and other miscellaneous forms. For larger choirs, it is not uncommon to have more than one person in this role. Choir Parents attend the rehearsals and concerts with choir.

 – Choral Fest: These volunteers help during the annual choral Fest by passing our snacks and helping participants socialize with each other and have fun. There are morning and afternoon slots available for each of the two-week long sessions held each summer.

*Earning exempt status as a trained chaperone is optional. To be eligible, chaperones must complete three training sessions. The first training must be in person with the training coordinator while the additional two may be completed online. The only additional requirement as an exempt chaperone is to complete the form annually to keep your interest and contact information current.

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Fill out the form below!

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