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Bring the ICC experience to YOUR students and give them the opportunity to perform at an ICC season concert! Our Neighborhood Choir Academy offers a multi-week introductory choir program to local schools and children.  An ICC director leads 6-8 rehearsals at your school and teaches repertoire to be performed with the ICC at a season concert!  Scholarships are available for students in need. Contact Leeann Starkey, lmstarkey1@icchoir.org for more information today!

“Hosting an NCA is a great way to build and train your elementary choir! As the teacher, you don’t have to worry about programming or planning a concert.  You can take as big or as small of a role in rehearsals as you would like. I like to co-direct so my students get both my expertise and the experience of having an ICC director.  It’s also nice to have a co-director for those days when you get pulled into an unexpected meeting! Your students get top-quality choral instruction in a fun setting and the opportunity to perform with a number of ICC choirs at the concert.”  – Bess Dougherty, Spring 2020 NCA 

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