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Season Program Book Advertising Sales – It’s Not Too Late!

You still have this week to take advantage of ICC’s #1 fundraising opportunity to earn money for tours. For each ad sold, 50% of the ad revenue goes directly to the individual singer’s account. With 4 different size ads to choose from, you may potentially earn anywhere from $50 to $500 on a single ad. Sell an ad to a handful of businesses, and watch your tour account quickly take off!

ICC’s 30th anniversary makes this a special year, with more concerts scheduled to reach ever widening audiences. The sales pitch is simple and effective: ads placed in our season program will be seen by more than 10,000 individuals at performances throughout the year. This 2015-16 season promises to be one of ICC’s biggest and best – making this a great time for businesses to partner with us by advertising directly to our growing audiences. For more information, call Dianne Beardsley at 317.940.9640 or print the Ad Sales Information Packet directly from the website under Singer FundraisersAd sales end on October 9, 2015.

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