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We Did It!

Ruth DwyerDirector of Education, Indianapolis Children’s Choir; Artistic Director, Columbus Indiana Children’s Choir

Ruth Dwyer talks about one of the most impactful memories she has experienced throughout her time with the children’s choir.

One of the most memorable moments with the CICC involved these identical twin boys at their first concert with the orchestra around the holiday season. The kids had sung in the first half of the concert and at the end of our performance, one of the twins jumped off the end of the risers and screamed, “WEEEE DID IT!”

It was huge for him to have the opportunity to sing with the orchestra. He and his siblings lived on a farm and went to a very small school, so this experience was enormous for him. And it wasn’t an easy concert – the music was very difficult that year. The success he felt was well deserved.

Lots of kids have those moments of knowing how hard they’ve worked at something, and upon realizing they’ve accomplished something that grand, their reaction is unforgettable. The ICC and the CICC continue to change lives every year by providing meaningful opportunities for children of all backgrounds.

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