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Story of Paula

Paula Yust, ICC/IYC Alumna, 2002-2005 This didn't seem all that incredible to me when I was a middle school student: voluntarily establishing a time in one’s week for a group of diverse people to come together to do something that they…

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From Rivals to Best Friends

Henry Leck, ICC Founder and Conductor Laureate Back in 2004, the Indianapolis Children’s Choir had a trip to Prague. Our trip to Prague was followed by visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg. In advance of the tour, I had gone to…

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We Did It!

Ruth Dwyer, Director of Education, Indianapolis Children’s Choir; Artistic Director, Columbus Indiana Children’s Choir Ruth Dwyer talks about one of the most impactful memories she has experienced throughout her time with the children's choir. One of the most memorable moments with the…

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Can Children Be Professional?

Jilliane Jaeger, ICC/IYC Alumna, 1994-1998 One of the most remarkable and long-lasting impacts on my life gained through my ICC/IYC experience is discipline and professionalism. Coming to rehearsals on time, prepared, and ready to focus for 1-2 hours was the expectation…

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