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A Life-Changing Sneeze

Kendra Obermaier, Jubilate Volunteer Achoo.  Yes, he just blew his nose on my sleeve. A smile tugged the corners of my mouth, as my eyes drifted to the small boy beside me. Nolan sat in his electronic wheel chair, his eyes…

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Meet Miss Jericha!

Jericha Mill, ICC/IYC Alumna, 2005-2013; Bel Canto and Cantates Angeli Choir Assistant, 2014-2017 My experience in ICC was completely incredible in so many ways, but the ways it changed my life were not clear until after my high school graduation. My…

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Joy Juice and Endorphin Soup

The Jordans are a family of artists. I interviewed Carrie-Ann Jordan, who is a “triple threat” of singing, dancing, and acting. Her husband is a pianist and photographer, while their son plays percussion and drums. Last but not least, there’s…

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Fearless Anastasia

Brigid Rupp began our interview with a chuckle and said, “I can’t sing for anything.” Her daughter Anastasia, on the other hand, has been singing and creating music for years. She has always exuded a unique sense of musical confidence.…

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Part of Something Bigger

Erin Mayer’s daughter, Katie, began singing at the Indianapolis Children’s Choir in the 2nd Grade-just one year after her family moved to Indianapolis from Georgia. As they were settling in, Erin noticed ICC car decals and yard signs. She heard murmurs…

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