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A Message from Mrs. Hughley

Dear BV Families,

I am overjoyed with the number of amazing young women who made our rehearsal outstanding and enjoyable on Sunday. We had forty-eight fantastic singers, and, as I told the girls on Sunday, I got chills from their sound just during the warm up. It’s going to be an incredible year!

Here are some important items mentioned Sunday:

  1. Retreat at Camp Camby, September 11 and 12: This is an important weekend of making music and getting to know one another. There will also be an important parent meeting on Saturday the 12th at the end of our parent demo. Please look for an email from the ICC office in the near future with details. Attendance is mandatory. If you know of a pre-planned major conflict, you must discuss options with Mrs. Hughley in advance in writing.
  2. Changed BV rehearsals: I gave each singer a bright orange paper on Sunday that outlined any changed BV rehearsals for the year, (five begin at 1:15 instead of 2:00 pm). These changed rehearsals are also all listed online on our BV webpage calendar.
  3. Homework: I have asked each singer to go online to the BV webpage and practice her part for our Latin piece, Tota Pulchra. Scroll to recordings and you will see each part listed individually. Our challenge is for each singer to have the first 32 seconds of her part learned for this Sunday!
  4. TOUR – I cannot wait to officially announce our tour location and itinerary! We will be distributing the official BV tour information at the parent meeting at Camp Camby on September 12. Until then, I have announced to the girls that we are discussing June 7 through June 11, give or take a day or two, as a time frame, and we are looking at affordable locations in the Caribbean! Details to follow in just a few weeks, but until then please mark your calendars.

That’s it for now. I look forward to seeing these amazing young women in just a few short days.

Have a wonderful week,

Mrs. Hughley

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