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Weekly Update with Mrs. Dwyer

1.  BEST FUNDRAISER EVER!!!  When you purchase script cards you get your money’s worth.  Script cards are like cash.  Buy your every day needs like gas, food, Starbucks, clothing, birthday and Christmas gifts with your script cards and the company you are purchasing from makes a donation to CICC/ICC.  ICC then puts that donation in your singer’s tour account.  No cost to you.  Your child received a scripts order form at their last rehearsal.
2. EVERYONE has a Tour Account:  Earn money for your next tour.    If you are not going on tour this year, your tour fundraisers accumulate during your CICC membership so you can use it when you are ready to tour.
3.  What happens with the money if I never tour?  Because the money is considered a donation from others via scripts or from “selling” items the unused tour money is rolled into the CICC/ICC financial aid program to help with scholarships.
4. CONGRATULATIONS!  The singers have kicked off the performance season in a GRAND STYLE.  Hoosier Hills (Concert Choir) and the Four Seasons (Descant Choir) performances have received GREAT REVIEWS from families, friends and audience members.  Bravo!  Keep up the good work.  December’s Winter’s Glow performance is sure to be spectacular.

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