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We are moving forward!

Hello BC Singers and Families!

WOW! What a productive week! You definitely turned the corner. You have made so much progress this week. I am so proud of you! Let’s keep this up!

Next week you will be with Mrs. Hughley and Mr. Leck. Be prepared!

Below are the things to work on.

Star Spangle Banner
• Clean page 4 alto line
• Memorized

Zions Walls
• Review and clean page 6 and 7
• Review and clean inner parts on page 8 and 9 and then run that section
• Memorized

How Deep is the Ocean
• Review and clean page 3 beginning at B. This was much better last night
• Work transition from page 3 to page 4
• Run entire piece
• Try from memory
• If you are interested in the solo group, be ready to sing in two weeks!

What a Wonderful World
• Review page 5 beginning at 19
• Work page 6 to the end

• Clean entire piece
• Memorize

Another Op’nin
• Work pages 6 and 7
• Work pages 10 and 11

Someone To Watch Over Me
• Review piece

Clap Yo Hands
• Review and Memorize!

Hopefully I will see many of you tonight at Zionsville and then at our movie night on Friday!

Mr. Pedde

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