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ICC Teacher Resource Library

Introducing the ICC Teacher Resource Library!

Subscribe to a playlist full of videos from different ICC resources including:

-Past Virtual Camp and Other Teaching Videos for use with your students
-Past Teacher Symposium Videos for your own professional development
-Recordings from past performances
-Various Webinars
-Messages from ICC Staff or Guest Lecturers
-Podcasts by ICC Staff
-And continually updated with more as it becomes available!

To join the ICC Teacher Resource Library, you can pay a yearly subscription of $25.

Click here to Subscribe!

*Active Members of the ICC Teacher Ambassador Panel receive this service for free as a thank you for their role in providing guidance and distributing ICC materials throughout their communities!

If you are already a subscriber and you have a topic/request for a video that might be uploaded to the Teacher Resource Library in the future, please click here to add it to the form.

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