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Silent Auction

Bid on any of the Silent Auction Baskets below! Bidding is open now and will end at 4:00 pm on November 5. Winners will be announced at the finale of the Sing-A-Thon. All winners will receive an email after the event.

How to Bid

Step 1: Complete the Bidder Information Sheet. You only need to complete this once, and then you can bid on any basket as many times as you’d like!

Step 2: Find the basket you’d like to bid on below, and click the ‘Bid Now’ button to submit a bid for that item.

Basket #1 – Family Game Night

Bid on this basket of fun that has everything you need for a game night extravaganza, including board games, snacks, and more!

Basket #2 – Summer Fun

Bid on this basket of all the things you need for a day in the summer sunshine, including BBQ gear, games, and more!

Basket #3 – Coffee & Tea Lovers

Bid on this basket that’s perfect for hot beverage enthusiasts. It includes mugs, teas, coffee, hot cocoa, and more!

Basket #4 – Arts & Crafts

Bid on this basket that has a variety of crafty items, from gel pens and paints, to special papers and a Lego project.

Basket #5 – Ice Cream Social

Bid on this basket that will have you screaming for the only missing ingredient- ice cream! You’ll get everything from cones, to toppings, and more.

Basket #6 – All Things Fall

Bid on this basket that includes loads of fall holiday goodies like Thanksgiving tableware and more so you’ll be fully prepared for festive fall fun!

Basket #7 – Winter Wonderland

Bid on this basket that will make a very amazing holiday gift! It includes decorations, a blanket, and so much more to make your winter holiday extra special.

Basket #8 – Spring Has Sprung

Bid on this basket that will get you excited for springtime holidays! It includes Easter items, treats, and more.

Basket #9 – Sweets & Baking

Bid on this basket that has everything you need for a baking marathon! It includes mixing bowls, utensils, baking mixes, and even secret family recipes.

Basket #10 – Favorite Things

Bid on this basket that has a variety of the ICC staff’s favorite things! We love so many things that we know you’ll love too – from wines, to fancy hot cocoa, to magazines, and more.

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