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Notes from Mrs. Dwyer


  1.  Voices of Spring: We are VERY EXCITED about Voices of Spring this year!  Our singers, and members of the Columbus Indiana Philharmonic will be sharing some great music from around the world with our audience.   We are especially excited to have Dr. Bowden and the Philharmonic Ensemble with us.  Save the date and invite friends.  Let’s fill the pews. THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN!!!!!
  2. April Dress rehearsal and performance details: click on the ICC/CICC calendar date and scroll down for details.
  3. May Choral Festival:  ALL CONCERT CHOIR MEMBERS MUST ATTEND THIS IMPORTANT EVENT.  Concert Choir singers do not pay the festival fee – they are the hosts and vocal leaders.  This is a camp for new singers and Descant singers who do pay the camp fee.  Singers will be taught new music from scratch on Friday evening and all day Saturday.  Therefore, our advance ensemble must be there. This new music will be performed on Sunday, May 20th.   EVERY Concert Choir voice is VITAL to our success!
  4. Tour rehearsals: Watch the calendar for special tour rehearsals at Butler and in Columbus.
  5. Music Theory Test:  ICC/CICC has 5 levels of music theory tests.  Level 1-4 are written tests and level 5 is a vocal sight-reading test.  These are accumulative tests. You must pass level one before you are allowed to take level two and so forth and so on. Your singer will receive a study guide for their test level in the next few weeks.  There are 3 basic learning styles:  kinesthetic, visual and auditory.  Encourage your singer to MAKE FLASH CARDS.  When they make their own flash cards and then practice with them, they are engaging each of the 3 learning styles.

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