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Notes for next week!

Hello BC!!

Another week of rehearsals has come and gone! WOW! Time flies when you are working hard and having fun!

Now is the time for us to put some of this music on the shelf and let it rest. Do not worry about Adiemus, Birch Tree, Night, Song of the Stars, or Music of the Night. Now it is time to move onto our holiday music!

For next week please work on:

O Fortuna: Speak the text over and over!

In the Sorcerer’s Hall: Work on your part and memorize!

Arruru, Hine Ma Tov, Donkey Carol, Night of Silence, There is Faint Music: Please sing through and have ALL memorized by Wednesday!

Bring a Torch: Review your part and begin to memorize. Please focus on pages 5, 8, 9, and 11.

Panis Angelicus: Review your part and memorize! Mr. Leck has asked for music back for CA 🙂

A special thank you again to all of the singers who sang last week at the Light the Night event! We keep hearing good things from the people who both hosted and attended the event.



Another shout out to all of the Marvin Hamlish singers! Thank you for all your hard work and extra time!! You are doing a great time.

I know that we are now in the midst of fall breaks. I hope that during the break you take time to stop and enjoy some down time. In our busy lives we forget to stop and really smell the flowers! Annabelle did that one time and it hit me how she was just taking time to enjoy something that I was just going to rush past!

Enjoy all of the wonderful colors outside and I will see you on Monday!

Mr. Pedde

Thought you would enjoy this cartoon!

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