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Hello BC!

WOW! Was rehearsal hot or what! Our last rehearsal had a lot of distractions. However, we were able to accomplish a lot! Below are things for you to work on for tomorrows rehearsal.

Birch Tree: TEXT!! Speak it several times a day

Night: Look at page 11 one more time!

Song of the Stars: Low B’s and C’s please just review the piece to know the road map of the song…

O Fortuna: Speak the text again!!

In the Sorcerer’s Hall: Work on your part and memorize!

Arruru, Hine Ma Tov, Donkey Carol, Night of Silence, There is Faint Music: Please sing through and begin memorizing

Bring a Torch: Review your part and clean notes…

Panis Angelicus: Review your part and clean

Keep up the hard work! The countdown has begun to Music of the Night…

Mr. Pedde

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