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Retreat Notes from Theresa

Hey guys! Hope you had a fun retreat! We're gonna really hit the ground running, so this is what you need to do! Bel Canto is in 5/8 time, so the song is generally gonna go faster than you think…

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Welcome to Cantantes Angeli

Welcome to the Cantantes Angeli web page! This page will have the most up-to-date calendar as well as performance detail sheets, weekly updates, and more. Stay tuned for more information about the 2014-2015 season! Money back promise is made by pass…

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For review

Leichtes Blut- Light, waltzing sound, short, staccato. Work on the German. Rejoice and Sing- Altos- m 71, 75-77. Cantante Domino- Review pg 4. Alleluia: Review please. My Favorite Things- m 14, 93. Walzer der Freude- 114 (all b's sing now),…

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