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A Message from Mrs. Hughley

Dear BV Families,

These young women are working hard and creating beautiful music. I can’t wait for our concert on Sunday!

Please read carefully below:

  1. This week, each Bella should be “living” with our music: listening to all our recordings on the website, studying the music when possible, singing in the shower, and developing a personal mantra that builds confidence and positive thoughts.
  2. The call time on Sunday is 3 pm. Please refer to the event page for all information. Click here to view this page.
  3. Hair, make up, etc: Please read over the attached BV Performance Information sheet carefully.
  4. Penn Station: We have already ordered the sandwiches, so if you have not paid your $6, bring it on November 1!
  5. Everyone needs to bring their black folders to use for the Mozart selections. Please make certain the singer’s name is printed on the inside cover.
  6. Dresses: Fabric care instructions are listed on the BV webpage. Please pick up and pay for your BV dress this week in the office if you have not done so, (Monday through Friday, 9 am to 7 pm)
  7. Fundraisers: You may continue selling your Indy Fun books. I will collect them on November the 8th!
  8. Upcoming events: November 7, 6:45 call time at Indiana Design Center (click here for event page); November 8: Altered BV rehearsal – 1:15 to 4 pm

Have a wonderful week and I will see each Bella at 3 pm on Sunday!

Mrs. Hughley

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