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ICC’s COVID-19 Response

As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the ICC’s first priority to ensure the safety of every singer. Our directors and staff are consistently applying the latest findings to every aspect of our weekly rehearsals. 

Our COVID-19 Handbook specifically outlines our weekly rehearsal procedures in detail, and we update this handbook any time we are privy to new research.

COVID 19 Rehearsal Policies At a Glance:

  • Our singers are socially distanced and masked at all times. 
  • All singers are required to notify their directors immediately if they are quarantined or COVID positive so that staff/directors can take appropriate action.
  • They receive a temperature check, health screening, and hand sanitizer upon entering their rehearsal building.
  • We also use air purifiers and take periodic aerosol breaks during every rehearsal in order to reduce the amount and the spread of COVID 19 aerosols. 
  • When the weather is cooperative, we also rehearse outdoors. We still maintain social distancing and wear masks when outside.

Click here to view the current ICC COVID-19 Handbook

The ICC always looks for innovative strategies that can be utilized for creating artistic excellence and when the pandemic began, we quickly pivoted to offer virtual opportunities for our singing community to stay connected.
We are grateful for our collaboration with Cisco and WebEx!

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