Columbus Indiana Early Childhood Program

The goal of the Early Childhood Program is to enable all participants to reach their full potential in singing, vocabulary, and movement skills, with an emphasis on developing sensitivity to the expressive qualities in music. Each class is designed to be playful and enjoyable to children, while providing a carefully planned curriculum that includes developmentally appropriate activities. Children are not taught formally about the specifics of music, but rather they play with music through a series of eight well-rounded activities based on the First Steps in Music curriculum.

TODDLERS ages 2-3
Required – Parent (Caregiver) and Child Music Class with the Columbus Indiana Children’s Choir (CICC)

PRE-SCHOOL ages 4-5
SNOW HUGS: Icicles, Snowflakes, Snuggles and Hugs
Jan. 29 – March 8, 2019
TUESDAYS: 5:30 – 6:30
Northside Middle School, Columbus IN
For children ages 4 and 5. Come sing, dance, move and play musical instruments and games that will enhance your love of singing and your child’s musical independence. Classes will focus on stimulating activities to build gross and fine motor skills through beat, rhythm and song. Musical games and activities will build an understanding of basic musical concepts, general vocabulary and friendships in a fun and inviting atmosphere.
PARENT VOLUNTEERS: Parents and caregivers are encouraged to attend class with your child.
PERFORMANCE: March 8, 2019 The Snow Hugs Children will join the Descant and Franklin Choirs for our annual LOVE CHAPEL GIFT CONCERT. Detail TBA.

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