High School Division

The Indianapolis Children’s Choir’s High School Division is for singers in grades 10 through 12 and consists of two separate choirs of equal musical skill. Bella Voce is the women’s ensemble of the High School Division, and the Indianapolis Youth Chorale is the male and female mixed ensemble of the High School Division. Younger male singers whose voices have changed may also be included in IYC. 

Both ensembles enrich vocal technique, foster outstanding performance etiquette, further improve music literacy skills, perform a wide variety of outstanding repertoire, and nurture lasting friendships. The ensembles also tour every year. Rehearsals for both choirs are held on Sunday afternoons in an attempt to avoid the many time conflicts the high school students experience. Students are expected to practice the music outside of their organized rehearsal time. 
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Auditions for the ICC’s High School Division consist of general warm ups to assess overall range, vocal production and intonation, brief ear training exercises and a short passage of music to sight read.