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CA Singers,

Thank you for a great rehearsal last night. You sounded really beautiful in the hall. We still have things to work on but I believe this will be an exciting concert. As I had mentioned earlier, we need to reduce the number of singers slightly for the DeHaan performance. I have tried to honor “first come-first served”, but also have had to balance the voicing. About 23 singers requested this, either by e-message or in person last night. I obviously cannot excuse all of you so here is a list of excused singers for Sunday’s performance. I will expect to see all other singers as originally planned. I know this is a tough week and a half and I appreciate your efforts.

Anna Cummings A
Natalie Anderson A
Julia Buckingham A
Erin O’Neil A
Cody Lile HB
Michaela Mellor HB
Sophie Vincent HB
Anastasia Sullivan LB
Alexandra Smith LB
Aidan Mellor C
Eiler Spayd C


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