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Voices of Spring Rescheduled Rehearsal and Weekly Update

1.  URGENT:  Due to a funeral the the church our Voice of Spring DRESS REHEARSAL has been postponed until Wednesday April 19th.  See calendar for details.
2.  Tuesday APRIL 18TH – REGULAR REHEARSAL – Northside Middle School.
3.  Re-Auditions and Parent Survey: All families are asked to complete the attached Parent/Singer Survey concerning re-auditions and placement in CICC for next season (Fall 2017).  Please complete the survey and return it to Mrs. Gehring by April 21st.   Click the following link to access the Parent and Singer Survey for next season – https://secureservercdn.net/ 
4.  Re-Auditions:  Descant singer will complete placement auditions before and after rehearsal on Tuesday April 25th.  The audition schedule and form will be sent home on Tuesday April 18th.

1. Due to a funeral at First Christian Church on Monday April 17th we have been asked to move our Voices of Spring dress rehearsal to Wednesday April 19th.
2. Call times, dismissals and uniform will remain the same. See calendar for details.
3.  Monday April  17th – CONCERT CHOIR – regular rehearsal at Northside Middle School
4.  Tuesday April 18th – DESCANT CHOIR – regular rehearsal at Northside Middle School
5.  Wednesday April  19th – DESCANT & CONCERT CHOIRS – DRESS REHEARSAL – First Christian Church – see calendar for details.
6.  Performance remains the same – Sunday April 23rd.
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