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Notes from Mrs. Gehring

Descant Weekly Update:


1. UNIFORM UPDATE:  Purchase your uniform dress shirt from Schoolbelles

School Code – S2748

You’ll find the search options on the left of the website.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14th:  Vest fittings before rehearsal begins.

  •  5:30:  Singers who sit in back row during rehearsals come for fitting
  • 5:40:  Singers who sit in the second row during rehearsals come for fitting
  • 5:50:  Singers who sit in the first row during rehearsals come for fitting.  

You can bring your singer in earlier than their assigned time (if necessary).

Please get them there early so we can start rehearsal with all singers in place and on time.

2.  REHEARSAL Location: Tuesday, Nov. 21st:  Combined rehearsal with Concert Choir and Prep Choirs
       a.  St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 2651 California St., Columbus, IN  47201
       b.  Uniform to wear for rehearsal:  Red CICC polo and your choice of pants
       c.  Call time:  5:45 pm
       d.  Dismissal:  7:15 pm

3.  New performances:  Watch the calendar on ICC website for new December performances at Breeding Farm and caroling at Columbus Regional Hospital.

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