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Famous Casinos

Famous Casinos

Las Vegas casinos are a huge magnet for international jet set characters. So also the virtual casinos, only that in the latter, it is not possible to be “discovered”, because the privacy of internet gambling halls protects the VIPs like normal players. Hence, many online casinos are popular with many well-known faces who prefer not to mix in traditional gambling halls among other players.

More and more famous people frequent the poker rooms and internet casinos. So ordinary mortals are unaware that they are sharing the table with real celebrities. The unsuspecting student, manager, executive, professional does not know that he is playing roulette with a famous actor Or he doesn’t know he’s bluffing a rock star or a footballer.

At one time, the best European and American casinos were the favorite theaters of many famous people, who loved to spend a few hours of leisure in elegant gambling halls on the French Riviera or in the sumptuous Las Vegas halls. It was a way, not only to have fun, but also to get noticed by the public and paparazzi.

The games of real and great entrepreneurs are legendary, from Louis XIV to Catherine the Second, from the Greek magnate Zographos Nicolas against his eternal rival at the baccarat table, Citroen, the famous industrialist of the well-known French car manufacturer.

Even today the casinos are frequented by well-known faces, but if in the past it was the VIPs who looked for the casinos, today it is exactly the opposite. For casinos and, for certain tournaments, it is a great attraction to have Boris Becker rather than Girard Pique at the green table. Just as it is decidedly glamorous to have Cameron Diaz or Brad Pitt as guest in your casino.

Pippa Middleton was also seen and photographed at the casino. But, what several common players don’t know is that very easily they too shared emotions with famous people at online tables, only they will never know it !!

Curious and intriguing is the MSN service (Spanish version) which has immortalized some Swabian celebrities by naive sins of gambling-loving stars.

Like the handsome Brad Pitt, photographed in a slot room, while filming Ocean Twelve, he played every day in a hotel suite where he stayed. Cameron Diaz says the game helps her relax. The popular Barcelona player Piquè finished third in a tournament organized by the Barcelona Casino, winning around € 40,000. Tobey Maguire, the leading actor in the Spiderman saga has the vice of the game. In 2011 he was also under investigation for participating in clandestine tournaments. The actress Whoopi Golderg is famous not only for her films, but also for her great passion for playing cards.

That’s why, many famous people prefer to stay behind the scenes in casinos! Preferring the more private and comfortable online gaming rooms of the busy and gossipy casinos!

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