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How ICC Tours Opened My Eyes

Abby Henkel Perfetti, ICC/IYC Alumna, 1996-2002 Growing up Unitarian Universalist, most of my family and school friends were liberal in politics and religion. When I joined ICC in 5th grade, I met more kids with conservative backgrounds and many different viewpoints…

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Matthew Truss Story

by Henry Leck, ICC Founder and Conductor Laureate This is a story of the really, really, raw success of a guy named Matthew Truss. In the late 80s, there was a boy who heard about the Indianapolis Children’s Choir. He was recommended…

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Called to Be a Cantor

Julie Womack, ICC/IYC Alumna, 1998-2009 I was 13 years old and had just had my Bat Mitzvah (a religious ceremony for a Jewish girl to mark her Jewish adulthood) when I took my first tour with the ICC. I had never…

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